Asylum Adventures

Not too long ago, a few friends and I piled into my car and headed for Kings Park… Psychiatric Center that is. For those of you who are not Long Island natives, you may be unsure as to what this gargantuan building in the picture above is. Long story short, for 111 years, Kings Park was the hub of mental therapy facilities. It was renowned for being a self- sufficient community and performing procedures such as; lobotomy and electro- shock theraphy. Fast forward to 2015, the 870 acres that once was home to over 9,000 patients(Not including staff) is now at a much smaller scale. Many buildings have been demolished, since NY State closed the hospital in 1996 and hundreds of acres have been turned into parks. (Source)

The handful of buildings left standing are infamous for attracting historians, teenagers, and urban explorers.

 Naturally, I had to adventure through building 93(Pictured Above) for myself. Who says adventuring through an abandoned asylum can not be done fashionably and while wearing a face mask? * 

 Coat: Juicy Couture 

 Sweatshirt: Ralph by Ralph Lauren

 Jeans: True Religion 

 Shoes: Sorel Footwear

Bag: Prada 

 Mask: Hardware Store (Why not throw this in here too?) 

*Disclaimer: Yes, I am aware of trespassing, asbestos, dangerous structures, and lead paint. The only time my mask was off was when I snapped a picture for a mere 30 seconds. In addition, I had a change of clothes that I put on before even entering my car and my friends did the same.             

With Love, A. 

 Instagram: amandawalpole_


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